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Schlissi's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 840 (From 168 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 11,820 Points

Vertigo: Gravity Llama

Teacher's Pet Unlocked 11/16/10
5 Points
Complete World 1.
Half Way There 25 Points Complete World 4.
Disgusting Gold Star 50 Points Complete World 8.
Patience Breaker 100 Points Narrow your overall death count down to 400 after beating the game.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/180 points)

Viking Valor

Last Action Hero Unlocked 8/31/14
10 Points
Unlock the evacuador
No Mans Land Unlocked 8/31/14
10 Points
Complete the first stage
Loki Unlocked 8/31/14
25 Points
Unlock all Types of Traps
Unholy Paladin Unlocked 8/31/14
50 Points
Complete any stage without taking any damage
White Wizard 10 Points Unlock all spells
Narrowminded 25 Points Use only one type of trap on a stage
The big guns 25 Points Max out your trusty cannoners
Final Showdown 50 Points Finish stage 5 without taking any damage
Medium-Hard 50 Points Finders Keepers - Take back your diamond from the greedy king
Mouse Trap 50 Points Fill the stage with traps
Tied Hands 100 Points Defeat a wave with only traps

Medals Earned: 4/11 (95/405 points)

World of Mutants

Dark Space Unlocked 2/26/11
5 Points
Level Dark Space Complete
First Blood Unlocked 2/26/11
5 Points
Your first unit died
Full Upgrade Unlocked 2/26/11
5 Points
The soldier reached the full improvement
Killer Unlocked 2/26/11
5 Points
Destroy 50 enemies
Usual Survival Unlocked 2/26/11
5 Points
3 units have survived
Predator Unlocked 2/26/11
10 Points
Destroy 200 enemies
Wet Planet Unlocked 2/26/11
10 Points
Level wet planet Complete
Hostile Space 10 Points Level hostile space Complete
Nice Survival 10 Points 4 units have survived
Assassin 25 Points Destroy 400 enemies
Cold Planet 25 Points Level cold planet Complete
Epic Survival 25 Points 5 units have survived
Demolition Cyborg 50 Points Destroy 600 enemies
Incredible Survival 50 Points 6 units have survived
Magnetic Space 50 Points Level magnetic space Complete
Hellish Planet 100 Points Level hellish planet Complete

Medals Earned: 7/16 (45/390 points)

You're a Tool!

You Are a Tool! Unlocked 8/5/11
5 Points
Checked out the art gallery.
Toolin Around Old School Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/2 (5/15 points)

Zombie Shooter 2.8D

First blood Unlocked 2/5/12
10 Points
Kill a zombie.
Credits 10 Points View the credits.
Instructions 10 Points View the instructions
You cheat! 10 Points Kill a zombie using the console.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/40 points)

Zombies In Your Backyard

Can't wait to kill? Unlocked 2/5/12
5 Points
Kill a zombie in the menu.
Good choice! Unlocked 2/5/12
5 Points
Click the Newgrounds-logo to visit Newgrounds.
I wish that I could fly! Unlocked 2/5/12
5 Points
Jump 10 times.
Caring for the little things in life... Unlocked 2/5/12
10 Points
Kill 10 little zombies.
First half Unlocked 2/5/12
25 Points
Survive 5 days.
Serial Killer Unlocked 2/5/12
25 Points
Kill 50 zombies in one game.
Heavy metal! Unlocked 2/5/12
50 Points
Buy the minigun.
Survivor Unlocked 2/5/12
50 Points
Survive all 10 days.
That good old pistol... Unlocked 2/5/12
50 Points
Survive until day 5 without buying a weapon from the shop.
Collector Unlocked 2/5/12
100 Points
Buy all weapons from the shop.

Medals Earned: 10/10 (325/325 points)

Zombies, Inc.

Conquer the North Pole Unlocked 2/26/12
5 Points
Zombify Santa.
Conquer the South Pole Unlocked 2/26/12
5 Points
Penguin zombies are no joke.
Fully Upgrade One Item Unlocked 2/26/12
5 Points
Fully upgrade the quality of one item in your sales department.
Beat Game on Easy 5 Points Beat the game on easy difficulty.
Conquer Africa 5 Points Zombie Pharaohs? Hasn't that been done before?
Conquer Canada 5 Points Not that they put up much of a fight.
Conquer Central America 5 Points I don't know if you knew this already, but zombies love spicy food.
Conquer South America 5 Points The amazon just got even wilder.
Conquer South Asia 5 Points What's the capital of Thailand? The answer may surprise you.
Conquer the World in 90 Days 5 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 90 days!
Fully Upgrade One Zombie 5 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of one of your zombies.
Beat Game on Normal 10 Points Beat the game on normal difficulty.
Conquer Australia 10 Points Kroikey! A zombie dingo ate my zombie baby!
Conquer China 10 Points People in China who get this medal also get arrested for sedition.
Conquer Japan 10 Points If zombies can control giant robots, then we are all f**ked.
Conquer Russia 10 Points In soviet Russia, zombies conquer you!
Conquer the World in 75 Days 10 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 75 days!
Fully Upgrade Five Zombies 10 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of five of your zombies.
Fully Upgrade Four Items 10 Points Fully upgrade the quality of four items in your sales department.
Hire 20 Employees 10 Points You are a thriving small business.
Hire 40 Employees 10 Points You are a thriving company.
Beat Game on Hard 25 Points Beat the game on hard difficulty
Conquer Europe 25 Points Riots and strikes are the least of your worries.
Conquer the United States 25 Points Politicians are now bribed with brains instead of money.
Fully Upgrade All Items 25 Points Fully upgrade the quality of all items in your sales department.
Hire 60 Employees 25 Points You are a thriving corporation, and a boon to the economy!
Unlock all Company Upgrades 25 Points Your company is now running at peak efficiency!
Beat Game w/o Losing a Battle 50 Points You are definitely an expert strategist.
Conquer the World in 60 Days 50 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 60 days!
Fully Upgrade All Zombies 50 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of all of your zombies.

Medals Earned: 3/30 (15/455 points)