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A bit short and not enough choices for 4 stars.

Found a Bug: If you make a right klick and choose "play", the game advances and you get the Medal of the scene you were playing. Otherwise it just needs to become bigger.

good stuff!

shotgun06 responds:


Good base, but keep on editing! The baddies need to have another source of dying, like when they fall from high spots or something. The overall physics are OK, but the chain sometimes works like a rubber band and pulls the ball back.

Also, you need to improve your story writing. The idea is OK, but the sentences are too sloppy.

Otherwise it's a good game!


Nice work, no major bugs, random story. Well done! Only criticism: the skills don't do very much and sometimes it's impossible to avoid the death ray, so you have to restart the whole level.

Nearly perfect!

Innovative gameplay, hard (but beatable) difficulty, smashing people. With those three indicators for good games combined you have made a masterpiece! The artwork fits well and the story is entertaining and weird (that's a +) . Sadly, I can't rate the music as I currently don't have speakers.

I have only one point of (constructive) criticism: There should be a safe place, where the zappers cant hit you at the bottom, such that you can wait there after they got you once. It was really annoying to get zapped in the same moment the smash-thing could move again without the possibility to do anything against it.

And don't listen to the whiny kiddies. The game is hard, but beatable. I needed 2 tries and I am not really good at this kind of game.

Repetive, not challenging.

At first, I have to say that I'm normally a huge fan of puzzle games, but this one is really bad. A one-level-tutorial would have been enough and although there are further objects added to the repertoire throughout the game, every level is self-explanatory.

What people expect of this game was a puzzle where one has to find a way to solve the puzzle, not just place a bomb to trigger a chain-reaction and that's it.

But, on the other side, the game contains no bugs (at least I've found none) and is well written. The artwork is clean and looks good. Also the physics are quite realistic. That means: 4/10 stars from me for a game with potential.

And whoever keeps on marking reasonable reviews on this game as useless, stop it! It doesn't make the game any better.


It is a great game! Interesting gameplay, diverse skills and just cool pixels!

Here are the only two things I would complain about:
1. The coins serve no purpose
2. There is no real boss fight

why can't I rate 9/11 stars???

Great Game! I just love it, but seriously why missiles? It would have been more logical to avoid more (different) debris and/or other jumpers instead.

On the other hand... F*CK YEAH! MISSILES!

Kevin responds:

Missiles were there, the government put a cloaking device on them.

good game, very good build mode!

addicting gameplay, cool idea and smooth graphics. 10/10

the first game i played where building levels is fun AND easy.

check this out: "save your shots"
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Addicting and challenging

A very cool game, with simple systems but hard to solve!
Good graphics, relaxed music and a quite good story for such unrelated puzzles.


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