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Schlissi's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 833 (From 166 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 11,705 Points

Space Defenders

Levl 5 Unlocked 2/4/11
5 Points
Survived level 5 in Infinite Mode
Mission Accomplished Unlocked 2/4/11
25 Points
You defeated the biggest threat in the galaxy!
Levl 10 50 Points Survived level 10 in Infinite Mode
Levl 15 100 Points Survived level 15 in Infinite Mode

Medals Earned: 2/4 (30/180 points)


Burp Unlocked 12/25/10
5 Points
Complete the first chapter.
Airhead Unlocked 12/25/10
10 Points
Complete the second chapter.
Architect Unlocked 12/26/10
10 Points
Complete a level made in the map editor.
Rocket Sauce Unlocked 12/25/10
10 Points
Complete the third chapter.
Gishy Unlocked 12/26/10
25 Points
Complete the fourth chapter.
Conclusion Unlocked 12/26/10
50 Points
Complete the final chapter.
Perfectionist Unlocked 12/26/10
100 Points
Complete the bonus chapter.

Medals Earned: 7/7 (210/210 points)

Splash Damage

Drop Pig Unlocked 8/6/11
5 Points
Fall to your death
Addicted 5 Points Come back 5 seperate times to play
Apprentice 5 Points Get a score of 15,000
Big Air 5 Points Jump to a really far away platform
Drop Bear 5 Points Fall really far but don't die
Just One of Those Days 5 Points Get hit 5 times in 5 seconds
All About the Benjamins 10 Points Play one round collecting only coins. Get three.
Journeyman 10 Points Attain 25,000 points in one round
Expert 25 Points Garner 50,000 points in one round
High Roller 25 Points Gather 1,000,000 points in total
I Heart Me 25 Points Climb 10,000 pixels without taking damage
Killer 25 Points Vaporize 75 globs of goo on your forcefield
MEDIC!! 25 Points Climb 7,500 pixels with the lowest amount of health possible
Taste the Rainbow 25 Points Get hit by goo of every color in one round
Master 100 Points Get one hundred THOUSAND points
Unleash the Beast Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/310 points)

Star Forge

Master Builder Unlocked 6/23/11
5 Points
Build 10 towers in a single game
Capital Offense Unlocked 6/23/11
10 Points
Destroy 15 Capital ships in a single game
Normal Victory Unlocked 6/23/11
10 Points
Complete game on Normal Mode or higher
Hard Victory 25 Points Complete game on Hard Mode or higher
Insane Victory 50 Points Complete game on Insane Mode or higher
Survival of the Fittest 50 Points Get a score of 6,000,000 in Survival Mode.

Medals Earned: 3/6 (25/150 points)

Sticky Blocks

BONUS UNLOCKED Unlocked 10/20/10
5 Points
Unlock a bonus level.
STAR POWER Unlocked 10/20/10
5 Points
Achieve a star rating.
TWENTY FIVE Unlocked 10/20/10
25 Points
Finish half the regular levels.
KEEP A SECRET 25 Points Unlock the secret levels.
STICKY FIFTY 50 Points Complete all 50 regular levels.
STICKY MASTER 50 Points Complete every bonus and secret level with a star rating.
SUPER STAR 100 Points Complete all 50 regular levels with a star rating.
LONELY PURPLE Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/9 (35/280 points)

Stickya Adventurya

Easier as it seems. Unlocked 11/20/09
5 Points
Kill the first enemy.
Knick knocker. Unlocked 11/20/09
10 Points
Explode the big mean door.
Slice, Dice and Slash. Unlocked 11/20/09
50 Points
Defeat Slash in Guitar Hero.
HOW COULD YOU?! 5 Points Destroy all the bunnies.
Well, that was fun now wasn't it. 25 Points Complete the game.
You're just great at this. 25 Points Die over 100 times.
You must be cheating! 100 Points Finish the game without dying more than 20 times.

Medals Earned: 3/7 (65/220 points)

Stork Shot

You Suck Unlocked 5/12/11
5 Points
Get yourself killed
Sushi tonight Unlocked 5/12/11
10 Points
Kill that bastard whale
10 Dead on Delivery Unlocked 5/12/11
25 Points
Have 10 babies delivered dead.
Do it properly 5 Points Ethics anyone?

Medals Earned: 3/4 (40/45 points)

Super Mario BP Oil Spill

FISHY ASSIST Unlocked 12/8/10
5 Points
Allow a fish to die and plug his own hole.
GLUG GLUG 10 Points Destroy at least eight blowfish in a single game with other dead blowfish.
SUCKER 10 Points Make a diver accidentally swim into a mine.
BLOW ME 25 Points Kill at least eight BP divers in a single game with dead blowfish.
MINE YOUR BUSINESS 25 Points Destroy at least eight mines in a single game with dead blowfish.
OCEAN DEFENDER 25 Points Last long enough to destroy BP and Tony Hayward on his yacht.
TORPEDO TERROR 25 Points Get a single Bullet Bill torpedo to kill two BP divers.
AQUAMAN 50 Points Survive long enough to destroy BP and Tony Hayward without dying.
EMPLOYEE MERCY 50 Points Kill no divers or submarines, but still destroy the BP oil rig in a single game.
HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 50 Points Kill at least five submarines in a single game.
FREE WILLY Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/11 (5/285 points)

Super Playboy

Tons Drop! Unlocked 6/25/10
5 Points
drop from 5 meters height
Epic Dead 5 Points killed by an explosion
Invasion 5 Points kill 15 civilians
This is Sparta! 5 Points killed by spearmen
Dragon Rider 10 Points destroy 10 balloons
Genocide 10 Points destroy 10 catapults
Rubber Hero 10 Points bounce back 25 projectiles
The Hero 10 Points kill 20 spearmen
Chicken Run! 25 Points kill 30 chickens
Superhero 25 Points survive 5 minutes in Survival Mode
The One 25 Points kill 15 wizards
True Playboy 25 Points kiss 25 girls
God of Playboy 50 Points survive 15 minutes in Survival Mode
Mission Completed? 50 Points finish all levels

Medals Earned: 1/14 (5/260 points)

Tankman Training

Ready to Roll Unlocked 8/21/13
10 Points
Complete level 1
Boulder Dash Unlocked 8/21/13
25 Points
Complete level 4
Bridge's Out Unlocked 8/21/13
25 Points
Complete level 3
Flipper Unlocked 8/21/13
25 Points
Complete level 5
Rough Terrain Unlocked 8/21/13
25 Points
Complete level 2
Bite Marks Unlocked 8/21/13
50 Points
Complete level 6
Floor Master 50 Points Complete level 9
Safety First 50 Points Complete level 8
Squeeze Time 50 Points Complete level 7
License to Tank 100 Points Complete level 10

Medals Earned: 6/10 (160/410 points)